About M.S.E.R.C.


Set up in accordance with the provisions of the Electricity Act, 2003, the Meghalaya State Electricity Regulatory Commission is a statutory body responsible for licensing transmission, distribution and trade of electricity in the State. The other important responsibilities of the M.S.E.R.C. include; fixation of tariff, regulation of procurement and creation of a consumer friendly grievance settlement framework.

The Commission functions as an autonomous, quasi-judicial body with transparency an essential element in all its deliberations. Holding public hearings and consulting with stakeholders, consumers and citizens are statutory obligations. The rights of service recipients are specifically emphasised and the introduction of consumer friendly measures by licensees encouraged.

An important purpose of setting up the Commission is to provide a level playing field for prospective investors in the power sector. Competition is expected to encourage efficiency and improve the quality of service. In this context the Commission is also empowered to advise the Government on policy.

The work of the Commission is permanent in nature and it is expected that that like other regulatory bodies operating in a rapidly changing environment, the M.S.E.R.C. will also evolve in accordance with the needs of the power sector in the State.


Organizational Structure of  Meghalaya State Electricity Regulatory Commission